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About US

Children are the asset of our community and future f the nation. We are devoted to nourish them in a way that they flourish as good citizen, human being and successful person. Muslims are the most backward community in our country. There is no other means except quality education to drive out this backwardness. In this way we contribute the nation building.

  • Highly qualified and dedicated teachers.
  • Sincere, dedicated and progressive management team .
  • Valued-based quality education .

Boarding and day boarding facility for both boys and girls.

Admission will be taken from play school (4+ age) to class VII

Why Choose ?

Kariali National English Academy

“The destiny of India is now being shaped in her classrooms. This, we believe, is no more rhetoric. In a world based on science and technology, it is education that determines the level of prosperity, welfare and security of the people.”
̶ The Kothari Education Commission (1964)

Fitness and Wellbeing

A sound mind lies in a sound body. Considering it we provide a hygienic and healthy environment. Sports, physical fitness training, outdoor activities and healthy life style are promoted among the students.p

Value of Education:

Education and values are two parts of a coin. Education is meaningless without values. Students will be taught values of healthy leaving inside and outside the classroom. They will participate in various community programs.

Environmental Education

Environment is our asses. It is degrading day by day. We have to protect it at any cost. We took the initiative to make our students aware of the issue.Various programs and activities are held to environmental education among the students.

Kariali National
English Academy

Education to serve the humanity

Teaching Staffs (Regular)

  1. Md Moksed Ali – M.A. Arabic, BA (Hons)
  2. Aminul Islam – B.A. (Hons)
  3. Asikujjaman – M.A. Hons. (English)
  4. Asique Elaih – B.A. Arabic
  5. Indrajit Pandit – B.Sc Math
  6. Ajit Rajak – B.Sc
  7. Mostafijur Rahaman – B.Sc Chemistry
  8. Ittefakul Islam – Kari + B.A


  • IMPORTANT NOTICE: The NEET Entrance examination has been rescheduled to August 15th, 2023.
  • The last date to register for the exam is July 1st, 2023.
  • Please make sure to bring a valid ID proof and your admit card to the exam hall.
  • If you face any technical difficulties during the exam, please inform the invigilator immediately.

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